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Hindsight  is  a  new  business  directory  which  is  full  of  “old  school”  values.    We  have  identified  that  our  local  population has a large number of occupants who do not (for whatever reason) want to use the internet to source their needs.

These  people  at  the  moment  have  to  rely  on  word  of  mouth,  this  as  you  can  imagine  can  be  rather  difficult  especially  in delicate circumstances.

We  have  also  identified  that  the  “smaller  Business’s”  in  most  local  advertising  were  easily  overshadowed  by  a  larger amount of money being spent on “Full Colour/Full Page” ads of the big boys so we have a fair playing field for all.

We  have only  2  business’s  in  each  category  giving  every  advert  a  50%  chance  of  the business enquiries.

We  are  hand  delivered  by  the  Royal  Mail,  so  you  are  guaranteed  to  go  through  every  door  in  various postcodes from Pevensey to Winchelsea  at  a  cost  of  less  than  a  quarter  of  a  pence  per  door,  how  many  replies  would  you  need  to  return  your investment.

Every  advertiser  has  to  supply  us  with  2  written  testimonials  that  we  can  check  before  being  accepted  to  give  the  public confidence in the directory.

We have an easy to find A to Z format so anyone can easily find any of our advertisers.

Lastly don’t miss out, your competition wont.


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