Kristian - Simply Gardening

I would definitely recommend the Hindsight Directory to advertise in as I have got many new customers from it. The magazine is definitely worth the time persuing for your business.

Mr Alan Norton - Equilibrium Building Solutions Ltd

I wanted to thank you personally, for the positive response I received after placing adverts in your directory. I received and converted many enquiries, especially from those who don’t have access to a computer. Our clients appreciated the fact that we had been checked and vetted, giving them peace of mind. I was reassured to know that ‘Royal mail’ successfully delivered the brochures giving me exposure to 30,000 plus homes in the community. I know that you are very passionate about ‘Hindsight’ and I wish you all the very best for the future.

Stuart Bowie - BOWIE LOCK and SECURITY

I am writing to you to say a big thank you for your publication ,Hindsight Directory. Not only am I thanking you for a simple idea, but also to thank you on behalf of my clients. When ever I go to a job, I give a copy of the directory to them. They like knowing that the companies or tradesmen that they call, are genuine local people and not some faceless call centre operator, who knows nothing about the job they require to be carried out. They also like the fact that Hindsight has gone to the trouble of actually verifying that the advertisers have been recommended by two genuine clients and not by family or friends. Hindsight has been for my company a great way to advertise and I will continue to place orders with you.

Cale Sinfield - SocialBee

I have advertised in a couple of editions of the Hindsight Directory and had a great response. It’s a great way to get your name out to so many people. The guaranteed delivery by Royal Mail is a real plus. It actually goes to the people it says it goes to rather than just being left in shops etc for people to collect if they think about it. I highly recommend speaking to Paula about advertising opportunities, should you wish to promote your business to more people, and who doesn’t.

Martin Knapp - South East Wealth Management

Placing an advert with the Hindsight Directory was easy, and we saw a 20% increase I web traffic to our site. Hindsight is an effective way to get your business name out to the community.

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